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Welcome to chemistry with Science Mom! This self-paced course is taught by Jenny Ballif (Science Mom) and Serge Ballif (Math Dad). Watch this short video for a quick introduction and tips for success:

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There are 45 video lessons in this course, each between 30 and 45 minutes in length. The course also has doodle notes that go along with each lesson, a vocab list and memory game, and music for the three songs that we wrote for our course. Download the notes below.

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Chemistry Vocabulary List Chemistry Memory Game (color version) Chemistry Memory Game (black and white version) Chemistry songs

Throughout the course, we challenge the students to create Elemental Trading Cards. They can use any paper they want for this, but you might consider buying some blank playing cards to make their set extra fun.

About your teachers

Science Mom has always loved science. She got a minor in chemistry in college, where organic chemistry was one of her favorite classes. She used a lot of biochemistry and molecular biology techniques during her master's degree studying stress-induced flowering in a tiny plant called Arabidopsis thaliana. While working in a lab was interesting, she loves teaching best.

Math Dad is super competitive. He has a PhD in math and used to teach at Nevada State College before leaving academica to teach with Science Mom full time. You'd better come to class prepared, or Math Dad's questions will stump you.

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