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Cute infographic: Self-paced courses. Complete at your own schedule. Secular curriculum covering cells, physiology, microbiology, heredity, genetics, and evolution. Open and go design with 82 video lessons. Each lesson has doodle notes with comics and fill in the blank style worksheets. Students can participate in polls while watching the recorded lessons. 18 science and art projects. Designed for ages 10-13. Also works with younger students. One price for the whole family. Long-term access. Covers all middle school life science standards.

Biology courses for the whole family

Join Science Mom and Math Dad for a pair of self-paced biology classese. In Microbiology, we explore cells, biomolecules, the diversity of life, human physiology, and microbiology! In Genetics, we learn about heredity, genetics, and evolutions.

Visit the Bio 1: Microbiology page or the Bio 2: Genetics page to preview the first five lessons of each course.

We recommend watching each lesson with a printed copy of the doodle notes. Encourage your student to use the polls or simply answer the questions out loud. Use the answer key to evaluate what they learned afterward, or, if they are a self-directed learner, they can use it themselves to double-check their learning.

Download the notes for the first unit of Microbiology

Download the notes for the first unit of Genetics.

Usually, each course costs $135, but purchasing both courses as a bundle reduces the price.

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Hi, We're Science Mom and Math Dad

We teach engaging math and science courses to students of all ages.

Science Mom has a Master's Degree in Plant Science from Utah State University where she taught courses and worked in a biochemistry lab.

Math Dad has as PhD in Math from Penn State. He was an associate professor of Math at Nevada State College for 9 years before Science Mom hired him away.