"Pre-Algebra Full-year Bundle" text
Participate in the live course or at your own pace. Open and go design. 45-minute lessons. 125 lessons with discussions and activities. A discord community for questions outside of class. Engaging activities to explore the ideas with classmates. Quizzes and Tests for each unit. Optional practice assignments in both paper format and online. Using the interactive Desmos Middle School Curriculum. Covers learning standards from grade 8 and half of grade 7. Optional paper notes for each lesson summarizing key ideas. Common core algined. Students completing this course are ready for PreAlgebra. Each purchase licenses the curriculum for one student. Long-term access. Family discount available.
Math Dad and Science Mom

Join Math Dad and Science Mom for a hands-on journey through prealgebra.

The course can be completed at your own pace. The suggested pace is to complete four lessons per week.

Each 45-minute video session guides you through the activity with discussion and examples.

The full course consists of 2 semesters that can be purchased individually or as a bundle.



We will be using the Desmos Middle School curriculum for our lessons. Each day will have interactive lessons. Some days we will have a paper-based lesson, but most days, the student will need a device to work on.

Semester 1 in Fall 2022 will cover the topics:

Unit 1: Rigid Transformations and Congruence

Unit 2: Scale Drawings, Dilations, and Similarity

Unit 3: Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities

Unit 4: Linear Relationships and Systems of Equations

Semester 2 will be the next semester of Pre-Algebra in Spring 2023 which covers the following topics:

Unit 5: Functions

Unit 6: Associations in Data

Unit 7: Volume and Surface Area

Unit 8: Exponents and Scientific Notation

Unit 9: Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers


Is there are live component to the this course?

No. This course is available only as a recorded, self-paced course.

Is there a time limit? Does the course need to be completed during the school year.

Two years. We would say that there is no time limit, but we don't own the curriculum, so we can't control what will happen down the road.

Why is the full year math course broken up into two semester-long courses?

  • We want to include families that can't financially commit to a full year initially.
  • We want to provide a point of entry for families to join the class at the halfway point if that is best for their learning.

Is my child ready for Pre-Algebra?

Placement tests are notoriously bad at placing students, but we prepared a readiness test and answer key anyway to give you an idea of your child's level of preparation. You can use this checklist of skills from our Grade 6 Math course to hone in on specific skills.

What can I do to help my child get ready for this course?

  • Review multiplication and division facts, including long division. Also, do calculations using fractions and decimals to keep sharp. You'll get rusty if you don't review them from time to time.
  • Go over this checklist of skills and spend time investigating the skills where your child's knowledge is weakest.
  • Have a great attitude about math, yourself. Your attitude will shape your child's perspective on math.

How is this course different than your science courses?

  • The format will be different. Your child will need to have an activity open in one browser and a video feed open in another. They'll bounce back and forth between them as we work through the concepts together.
  • Most of the class time will be spent with your child actively working on problems.
  • The course meets more often (Monday through Thursday).
  • The course registration is for individuals instead of families (because of the curriculum license).

What if we need help outside of class?

Our class will have a moderated discord community where you can post and answer questions.

What platforms will we use?

The student will need access to a web browser for the YouTube video feed and a web browser for the Desmos activities. If you have a second device or a second monitor, then they won't have to switch back and forth between the lesson video and the activity.

A tiny screen could make it challenging to interact with some Desmos activities. A touch tablet could work, though the interactions will go much more smoothly with a keyboard. We strongly recommend the student use a computer during class.

What if we have multiple children who want to take the course? Does this registration allow them all to participate?

No. While multiple people could, in theory, share an activity screen and work through the challenges together, the student who is completing the work will be the one who learns the most. We are paying for individual student licenses from the curriculum creators (Desmos) so each student will need their own license for the activities. You can contact us about a discount for a second or third license if you have additional children who want to participate.

What is the expectation of parents?

Ask your child to teach you the topic of the day and to show you their work. They'll be completing some pretty cool tasks, so this is your chance to cheer them on.

How much homework will there be?

Most lessons will have practice problems to complete (less than 30 minutes on average). If you feel like your child doesn't need the additional practice, then you can be the hero parent who tells them they can skip the problems.

There is no class session on Fridays, but there will often be assignments to be completed on Friday or over the weekend, such as review work or possibly an exam.

What is the next course?

This course covers all the 8th-grade common core standards as well as some 7th-grade standards across semesters 1 and 2.

After completing both semesters of Pre-Algebra, a student is ready for Algebra 1.

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