Day 3. The Parts of the Cell

Here are a few or our favorite cells that students have shared.

Maggie and Emilyn made the first two.

The delicious cell was made by Gonzo.

Amna Khalid​: What makes a cell a cell? like, what defines a cell a.k.a what do cells need to have to become a cell

All cells have the following:

  • A cell membrane (also known as a plasma membrane), which provides structure and protection for the inside of the cell.
  • DNA, which contains the genetic code, and instructs the cell as to which proteins to make.
  • Cytoplasm, which is a gel-like liquid that fills the inside of the cell, and is made up of water, salt, and other molecules. It is where protein synthesis take place.
  • Ribosomes, for making proteins.

Rachel Williams: ​Why do animals not have cell walls?

Animal cells do not have cell walls simply because they're not beneficial to them.

A cell wall would make it difficult for an animal to move fluidly. Cell walls are great for plants because plants don’t move about in the same way that animals do. Their cell walls provide structure, support, and protection. Animals, by comparison, have different structures that provide support and protection, such as skeletons, skin, scales, or shells.

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