Physics 2: Electromagnetism

Explore the exciting world of physics with Science Mom & Math Dad!

Learn about states of matter, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, sound, and light.

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Prepare for High School Physics

  • Gain a solid understanding of the scientific method.
  • Learn the vocabulary and core concepts of thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics, and acoustics.
  • Deepen your understanding with engaging labs and hands-on activities.
  • Assess your knowledge with practice problems and interactive quiz shows.
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Our Course Includes:

  • 39 video lessons
  • 10 hands-on activities
  • Open-and-go curriculum
  • One price for the whole family
  • Long term access

High Quality Notes for Each Lesson

  • Over 140 pages of beautifully designed notes
  • Informative comics and engaging illustrations
  • Space for students to write and interact with the material
  • Clear explanations of complex concepts

Entertaining & Engaging

Lessons packed with humor, real-life examples, and interactive elements

High-Quality Content

Carefully designed curriculum to prepare students for high school physics

Secular Curriculum

A science curriculum that appeals to families from all backgrounds.


No need for extensive preparation – just dive in and start learning!

    A Physics Course for the Whole Family

    The course is available as a recorded, self-paced course. At a pace of 3 lessons per week, the course will last one semester.

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    Each lesson comes with printable notes pages and practice problems designed to reinforce the ideas of each lesson.

    We recommend watching the lesson with a printed copy of the notes. Encourage your student to use the printable poll questions or simply answer the questions out loud. Use the answer key to evaluate what they learned afterward, or, if they are a self-directed learner, they can use it themselves to double-check their learning.

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    Example Curriculum

    Available in days
    days after you enroll
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Unit 1. Thermodynamics
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Unit 2. Fluids
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Unit 3. Waves
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Unit 4. Electromagnetism
    Available in days
    days after you enroll

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What our students say -

    The passion you have for your respective subjects is evident and contagious. Please keep doing the wonderful work you do. We are so grateful!

    Meagan parent and college professor

    The doodle notes were excellent, and provided a good introduction for my daughter to guided note-taking. We would 100% recommend these courses.

    -Rachel Wilkenfeld homeshool parent

    Yours was my 13 year old's favorite class! The guided notes were fun and engaging, and I was amazed at how much material he learned and retained.

    K. P. middle school parent