Hi, we're Science Mom and Math Dad.

Science Mom has an M.S. in Plant Science from Utah State University. Math Dad has a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University. We run the Science Mom YouTube channel where we create educational content for kids.

Science Mom and Math Dad teach self-paced courses using a secular curriculum. Each course uses an open-and-go design that requires minimal preparation and supervision. In our science courses, each lesson has follow-along notes, interactive comprehension questions, and quizzes. Students can participate in polls while watching the recorded lessons. There are science and art projects for deeper dives. Our math courses use the interactive Desmos curriculum. Each video lesson has an exploratory activity and practice material to complete after the lesson.


Thanks to the support of our patrons on Patreon, we are able to give out a limited number of scholarships. Applications open between the 1st and 10th of each month. Apply by filling out the form at this link. Science Mom is a cancer survivor, and we have special funds set aside for families of students who are battling cancer.

Charter Schools

We currently offer courses for students from the following schools.

  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • Dimensions Collaborative School
  • Elite Academic Academy
  • Epic Charter Schools
  • Excel Charter Academy
  • Golden Valley Charter School
  • Granite Mountain Charter School
  • Heartland Charter School
  • Heartwood Charter School
  • iLEAD
  • Mission Vista Academy
  • Monarch River Charter School
  • Ocean Grove Charter School
  • Sequoia Grove Charter Alliance
  • Sky Mountain Charter School
  • South Sutter Charter School
  • Suncoast Preparatory Academy
  • The Classical Academy
  • Visions in Education
  • Vision Charter Academy

If you don't see your school on the list, please contact your school to request us as a vendor. Most schools only accept parent requests.

We are partners with multiple state homeschool education programs.

  • Arkansas Education Freedom Account
  • Arizona ESA Program
  • Florida Step Up For Students
  • New Hampshire EFA Education Freedom Account
  • Ohio Ace
  • Kansas Keep
  • Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program
  • Utah Fits All Scholarship
  • West Virginia Hope Scholarship EMA